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Yesterday's entry was all happy happy happy. That's how I was feeling so it made sense.

Then at the end of the day I reached down under my desk, lifted up my jacket, to find a laptop bag that was no longer there. I was confused at first; I thought I had maybe left it somewhere else, maybe in the car or under a chair in the other room. But I had went into the bag at lunch time to skype Mark, so it was only logical that it would still be there. None the less, after the skype call, I put my laptop into my drawer in my desk (I have no idea why), and that's where it remained.

Inside my laptop bag then, was my 30gb ipod with thousands of songs, and my purse with all my cards and memories and photos and holy medals. Luckily though, my main bank/visa card, I kept in my pocket (again I don't know why - but it's a good thing I did!)

So I hunted up and down, several times, looking in places I know for sure it wouldn't be.. Like the toilets and kitchen haha... But no. The bag's been stolen. I'm pure gutted. I narrowed it down to a 2 hour slot that it could have been possible for someone to take it, but I think it must have been someone who knew I had a laptop, cause my desk is quite big, and the bag was well placed at the back of it's wee area under my jacket. I was on the computer til 2pm and by 4pm I was out the front doing the gardening.

Anyway.. I've spoke to Fr Kev, the priest in charge, who thinks it would have been someone who knows the Logos centre, and I told Helen my boss, and I reported it to the police. I tried calling up my insurance company but they're not open til Monday morning so I'll have to wait to make a claim.

I'm just so annoyed that someone would/could come into a Catholic centre to steal something.

As I lay tossing and turning last night in bed though, I thought about the story where Jesus asks the apostles to 'leave everything' and 'follow' Him. I thought how difficult it would have been to just detach yourself, and it made me realise how much I attach myself to material possessions. It does hurt, but I know it won't hurt for long.. I often see things as little tests from God, and yesterday's incident makes me question myself and question how much I value and attach myself to things, that, in the end don't matter as much as what we originally perceive them to be. So, if this is a test, I will spend my day trying to look at the positives, and being happy for the things that actually mean something - friends, family, being alive, actually being able to be happy and smile and rejoice for everything else we can't put a price on.

..Easier said than done, but there we go!
Have a nice weekend everyone, I'm going to town with Cameron, then I think I may be staying at his families house in a wee farming town of Pukehohe to watch the All Black's play Oz tonight.. I'm sure it'll be great :)

God bless, lots of love x

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