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Another beautiful day in Qtown

sunny 8 °C

Good morning all! I hope you're all doing well!

I've been having a rare time in Qtown - still absolutely loving it, enjoying my time with Alex and the Cameron Family of Cameron Place. It's so amazing how many people you meet in life, or really, the potential for the amount of people you could meet if took the time to speak to a stranger. In this scenario, where everyone seems to be travelling, everyone is on their own journey through life, everyone has their own unique story as to how and why they are or are doing what they do. I've always been conscious of people you pass by on the street, or sit next to on the bus etc, that you'll never meet them again; that that person has flickered into and out of your life is a short glimpse. Quite extraordinary really. My time here has been spent getting to know so many new people, and it's really opened my eyes up to a deeper sense of 'life'. I don't know why I'm going on one of my rambles, I suppose I want to document exactly how I'm feeling, what I've been experiencing, and my reflection on it. Back home, you don't go on the tube and start talking to a random stranger, they'd think something was wrong with you, but over here it's the norm. I suppose everyone is searching and exploring life, and life becomes more meaningful when you can share it with others, or meet others that want to see and do what you want to do. These past few days spent in Qtown have been great, and I've met so many different, unique and interesting people - it really makes a difference being able to chat to people and find out about their travels and inspirations and journey.

Last night Alex and I went round to one of the ski patroller's houses and had a few beers and watched the guys play ping pong. We watched a DVD of the ski patrollers working in the states last year and then looked through his photos of living in India. It was so fascinating to see what other people have done with their lives, some people just want to get out there and just 'do', and I admire that so much, it's fantastic!

Anyway, now to properly update you of what I've been doing. The past couple of days have been spent going into town, sitting in wee cafes drinking bowls of latte, and doing uni work. Drinking beer, and yesterday I went boarding up Coronet Peak for the day. Alex had spare boots that fitted great, and I borrowed my mate Kate's board, money well saved! I really need to get my own board gear, works out so much cheaper in the end! So yeah, it hasn't snowed up the mountain in ages, so it's really quite compact and icy, which is bad conditions.. As soon as I hear that scraping sound on ice my confidence drops and the ride becomes more cautious than fun. Working at my 360 turns though which was good. Alex was working at the First Aid centre, so when I was thirsty I dropped in there for some water, and managed to grab a cheese toastie too (saving the pennies mummy dearest). After boarding we headed home, got beer, fish and chips, got ready and headed out for ping pong, then to a pub with all Alex's work mates. It was a really good night, and the only dosh I spent was on doner meat and chips at the end of the night - pretty good! There was a band playing in the pub last night, and when live music is on, I usually gravitate towards them, somehow I ended up playing tambourine for one of their songs, that was a laugh! I think Alex got some photos so I'll get them up at some point. I've actually got loads of photos to put up but I can't find Ailie's memory card reader. So after the awesome grub, we headed home, and then I sat up with the Cam Fam til the wee hours sitting by the fire and chatting about astrology and travelling and trying to steal Jen's hat cause she has some awesome hats!

So that was a huge update!
All my muscles are sore from boarding, always a good thing. Not sure what the plan is for tonight, but tomorrow we're driving to Wanaka and staying there for 2 days an hopefully getting a day of boarding in up at Cardrona. Should be fun!
Then I'm getting a 5 hour bus ride to Dunedin on Wednesday morning, do a tiny bit of sight-seeing there, then flying back to Auckland on Wednesday night (booooooo!!!) I'm going to miss Queenstown and all my new chums.... But I know I'll be back one day :)

Speak soon, love ye's, Gb xx

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Alrytt sis ...that was a good post :D am glad yur havin fun nd meetin lots of new ppl sounds soooo excitin!! am wew jealous lol xx miss yur wee face hen get the pics on fbk !! :D xxxx

by heather jayyyy

Wow! what a lot of words , Chatty girl, great to hear you haven't hurt your back doing them fancy twists on the slopes. Sounds like your still having heaps of fun and meeting lots of new folks, that's always a good thing.
I'm sending you a separate quiet note by email to Vexy girl, please make sure you get in there and answer me.
Mummy Googsie needs to go now , I'm working from home today, so my spreadsheets are a waiting ....great fun!!!
Love Googsie

by ann johnston

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