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and bad day

storm 10 °C

Yesterday's entry was all happy happy happy. That's how I was feeling so it made sense.

Then at the end of the day I reached down under my desk, lifted up my jacket, to find a laptop bag that was no longer there. I was confused at first; I thought I had maybe left it somewhere else, maybe in the car or under a chair in the other room. But I had went into the bag at lunch time to skype Mark, so it was only logical that it would still be there. None the less, after the skype call, I put my laptop into my drawer in my desk (I have no idea why), and that's where it remained.

Inside my laptop bag then, was my 30gb ipod with thousands of songs, and my purse with all my cards and memories and photos and holy medals. Luckily though, my main bank/visa card, I kept in my pocket (again I don't know why - but it's a good thing I did!)

So I hunted up and down, several times, looking in places I know for sure it wouldn't be.. Like the toilets and kitchen haha... But no. The bag's been stolen. I'm pure gutted. I narrowed it down to a 2 hour slot that it could have been possible for someone to take it, but I think it must have been someone who knew I had a laptop, cause my desk is quite big, and the bag was well placed at the back of it's wee area under my jacket. I was on the computer til 2pm and by 4pm I was out the front doing the gardening.

Anyway.. I've spoke to Fr Kev, the priest in charge, who thinks it would have been someone who knows the Logos centre, and I told Helen my boss, and I reported it to the police. I tried calling up my insurance company but they're not open til Monday morning so I'll have to wait to make a claim.

I'm just so annoyed that someone would/could come into a Catholic centre to steal something.

As I lay tossing and turning last night in bed though, I thought about the story where Jesus asks the apostles to 'leave everything' and 'follow' Him. I thought how difficult it would have been to just detach yourself, and it made me realise how much I attach myself to material possessions. It does hurt, but I know it won't hurt for long.. I often see things as little tests from God, and yesterday's incident makes me question myself and question how much I value and attach myself to things, that, in the end don't matter as much as what we originally perceive them to be. So, if this is a test, I will spend my day trying to look at the positives, and being happy for the things that actually mean something - friends, family, being alive, actually being able to be happy and smile and rejoice for everything else we can't put a price on.

..Easier said than done, but there we go!
Have a nice weekend everyone, I'm going to town with Cameron, then I think I may be staying at his families house in a wee farming town of Pukehohe to watch the All Black's play Oz tonight.. I'm sure it'll be great :)

God bless, lots of love x

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this is what I've been up to the past couple of days: gardening, eating teeth sweets, staff training aka playing with playdo, and renovating the old chapel aswell as tidying and cleaning, group facilitation (talking about how ur last week has gone-pos and negs) anddd just having a great time and enjoying every part of this :)
I'll illaborate later and put more photies up then x
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Auckland's St Patrick Cathedral

Lovely innit! x
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Good day good day!


Todayyyyyyyy was my first day of Logos Youth Work. I prefer to call it Catchesis (teaching the faith). I spent 6 hours with two young girls, explaining and teaching them the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation and Confession. It was awesomeeee. I've did Confirmation Catechesis with the kids at my parish back home in London, but this was very last minute, and it was an intense teaching time. The girls were so responsive, asking loads of questions, and genuinely enjoying everything they were learning. I took them across the street to a Catholic Mass, well that was the intention, but the priest was late and instead we had a 'Liturgy of the Word with Communion.' Then we went for lunch, and then I took them down to Auckland Cathedral (gorgeous Church) which gave them a better insight into the symbols and importance of the sacraments. The day just went so well, I'm so chuffed. And like, I felt I was on fire telling them all this awesome stuff about Jesus... I love Catechesis, it's really my call I feel. And some thanks goes to my parish priest back in Kingston, Fr Vincent, who had the first faith and trust in me to do the Catechesis at St Raphael's. So thank's Father (whether you're reading this or not haha). I evennnn through in a bit of Angel talk - they had no idea about Angels, so woo hoo for that!

You can probably tell I'm on a high right now eh? Me happy lady :D

I've also been to a couple of talks by Fr Dominique, he's just amazing! I was at one on Sunday before Mass, and then one last night (Monday). There's one on tonight but I'm still at work writing up a report from the Sacramental program. My boss has let me take the day off tomorrow to go to his final talk on the dimensions of the human person - all very philosophical based. He's a very blessed teacher.

So yeah, I'll finish this report then head home. Today has been an awesome day, thanks be to God!

Speak soon, God Bless, love ye's xx

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Sat part 2



So much for my touristy way to spend the day. The rain hasn't stopped pouring and I don't have waterproof trousers or footwear. So instead I've stayed in and ate noodles:

Anddddd what else have I done? Booked my Queenstown flights!

It took a while to find some cheap ones, but I managed to find some offers which is lucky. The return flight was a bit more pricey so I'm departing Dunedin instead (the most southerly city and full of Scots, of New Zealand). That means I'll need to get a coach from Queenstown to Dunedin but it shouldn't be too much bother - quite like megabus, and it means I'll get to see some more of the country.

I'm really really looking forward to it 'cause Queenstown is my favourite place in NZ. I'll be crashing at my mate Alex's for the time, and she's maybe taking me on a wee jaunt around. It'll be good to hang out with her cause she's from Greenock too :) I'm really excited now; I love having wee things to look forward to! And the last time I was snowboarding for this time last year in NZ.

Weeeeee.. I'm gony go find some online episodes of The Simpsons or something, byeee xx

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Chill-out day

rain 10 °C

I've not long woken up - had a bit of a lie in which was good and a change from my usual 6.30am start. I've got the house to myself for the weekend as Amie, Hannah's friend, left for Wellington last night, and Hannah and Leon have been up north on a wee holiday. I'm glad to say I took charge of the heater that was in Amie's room and put it in mine ( thanks Amie :P )

It's pretty rainy today so I'm not sure of what to do. I've got a whole day and night to kill, so I'll either head into Auckland city centre, or go into Henderson town centre (which is a 5 min bus ride). It's one of those Greenock days were the rain just drips and drips and doesn't stop; I don't know if I want to be walking in the city in that. There's a wee Christian book shop I've spotted in Henderson that I'd like to take a gander in, so maybe I'll head there.

I've also downloaded the Pope's new encyclical onto my laptop, so I'll need to start reading that, sounds quite interesting.

The past few days I've just been in the office doing this and that. Nothing too exciting or strenuous, but more relaxed as it's still school holz, and will be for another week. I suppose I should make the most of it before the hard work starts. Yesterday, Cameron came picked me up from work and we headed first to 'Woolworths' (the shopping market), and then to his friend's house. He had arranged a wee get-together with his friends so I could meet some more good folk. And good folk they were, I felt right at home. One of the girls, Rebecca, is doing a degree in Theology and is a teacher, one of the guys has travelled through Europe, staying with various retreat centre's and Catholic communities. We just sat about loads of Catholic/theology/faith stuff, and I was a happy girl. The gang at the Logos centre are still quite young and predominantly into youth work (obv), but no one is really into Theology, so it's been a little difficult trying to 'be myself' as it were. They're more 'liberal' whereas I'm more 'traditional/orthodox', so you can imagine my glee last night, when I found like-minded folk :)

On Sunday I'm going to see a Theologian and Philosopher by the name of Fr Dominic Faure, from the Community of St. John, who was handpicked by Mother Teresa herself, to do the spiritual formation of all the sisters and nuns of her order. He travels all over, and he's in Auckland this week doing lots of talks. Cameron's arranged for a couple of his friends to pick me up tomorrow (Sunday) and take me with them, which is a really nice thing to do cause I don't even know these folk. And then, I've been invited on Monday night to have dinner (at the same place I had dinner last night) and talks with Fr. Dominic. It's going to be good!

I spent some time looking at flight prices for Queenstown, and my boss thinks I should take some extra time to see the place down south, so I'll be going for 9 or 10 days which should be awesome. And Alex, my mate who's living and working at the ski resort said I can hopefully get a free pass! Yaassss! So flights are around £150 which is still a bit pricey for my budget, so I'll keep looking. I can't wait to see the rest of the country, I miss the experience of last year, of jumping in a van and exploring and sight-seeing, so hopefully next month I'll get to do that a wee bit!

Anyways, this is a long enough update. If anyone's on Skype, add me: cheryl.johnston. (remember the dots).

I think I may head to the city and brave the wet weather. I am a tourist after-all!

Here's a few pictures from the last few days:

Some of the youth using my laptop to watch youtube (there comps are blocked)

Henderson train station (I leave for work at this one)

A nice wrap the Vinnies lady bought me cause I was doing contracts for her.

One of my colleague's neice's, Loretta

Cameron and Pink Pather (you wouldn't think this guy will be an ordained priest next year!)

Lupe, Jo and Maddie posing. They've been renivating the old chapel.

That's me at my desk!

And that's yer lot!
Speak soon, Gb love ya's xx

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Sunny day

sunny 11 °C

I've been uploading the photos from my cameras and putting them on my photo album site:

Today I had a Chilli Beef and Cheese Pie, and Sushi, they were gooooood!


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Walking to the train station at 7am
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Tuesday 8th

Waiting on Hannah picking me up-lovely sunset. Afterwards we went to her aunt and uncles massive house and had fish and chips for dinner, and I played with their new wee puppy, Rocko.
I've been getting up for work at 645am and getting the train in. It's been a nice wee journey.
Weathers cold today; I'm wearing two Icebreaker layers, a fleece and a hat-see for yersel!
Byeee x
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My desk

Here is my desk and the view from my office window-straight over the Auckland Sky Tower, lovely!
Today I've been hunting down gardener s and rope. As I said, it's school holidays so theres not much to do apart from tidy up the place and get the wee things sorted.
I was chattin to my boss today about when I can visit Queenstown and anywhere else I want to. She's very laid back about it which is great! I'll be helping out with a programme called Eastern Lights, I'll let you know more details when I get them. I'll also be visiting Wellington at the end of the month which should be great for experiencing more youth work stuff.
I'm heading home from work now, weeee! Gb x
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Give peas a chance!

I went to the video shop last night, and they sell crazy garlic peas in a bag! What's that all about eh? I didn't buy them, don't worry x
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rain 10 °C

Photo update ahoy!

Today I went to the mall, checkout out the Vodafone shop, but no luck with using my iphone with their sim. Rubbish. It's been on and off raining today, and it sounds awesome cause we have metal roofs.

Hannah (my host) has went to a wedding with her husband, so her friend Amie who's been staying over, and I, have been watching some films - Slumdog Millionaire and The Spirit, been good.

The one problem I'm having over here is that I'm falling asleep at like 6/7pm. Because it's winter, and the sun's going down sooner, my body clock is telling me it's bed time. It's not good. I'm fighting the tiredness but I just want sleep.

Anyway, here's my day, well not my day, more just the highlights!

Last year in New Zealand, we all went to this shop and loved it, its the equiv of a big cheap ASDA

New Zealand Beer!

There's so much Dairy Milk choice, and I love Pannacotta (Italian desert), and Jack D with coke (this bottle is the equiv of two drinks, works out at 1.50 UK!

The pound is 2.5 stronger than the NZ dollar, awesome!

Church tomorrow and another chilled out day, oh and I got socks! Woo! Oh, and Sensodyne and a new Colgate electric toothbrush on the cheapy cheap!

Gb x

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