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The BBC iplayer website just told me I can't watch Holby City outside the UK. I am so gutted! That's 12 weeks worth! I need a volunteer to download them weekly (BBC site only holds one episode for 7 days) VOLUNTEERS PLEASE??

I'm a bit bored, I think I'll have another cuppa cause it's coldddd in the houses.


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Chill out day

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Today I packed up my bags and left my wee en suite room at the priests house. Headed to work with Fr Kev and had a sort of 'training day', but rather than your usual type of training, we headed to the beach! For a very good reason though! This week's 'prayer word' is 'water' - what it is, what it means, how it affects our lives. What better place to experience it than to go to the beach! Love it! So spent about an hour there, just chatting, then headed back to the office for lunch, then we gathered in a circle and spoke about our reflection from the last 3 months and what we felt and thought at the beach. It was really quite nice. We finished work at 4pm and then headed home.

So for the next 3 months I'm staying with Hannah and her husband, lovely folk, and they have broadband which always makes me happy, it's just a shame there's no wifi network in the area cause then I could use my phone, but alas. Tomorrow they're going to a wedding so I might head to one of the Westfield Mall's close by and buy some stuff (mother my dear, we forgot to get those spare socks!) And I want to speak to Vodafone and see if I can get a sim card for my phone (Vodafone have now released the iphone, just last week).

Anyways, bit of a boring update, we're having home cooked indian tonight and I'm hungryyyy..

Speak soon,
Gb Cx

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Kia Ora!

That means hello innit!

all seasons in one day 14 °C

I'm here I'm here! Awesomeee!

OK, quick quick update cause I'm knackered!

Yesterday arrived at 11am. Was greeted at the airport by Fr Kev, two of the youth workers I'll be working with, and my good friend Cameron who I met at WYD last year in Sydney. He's a seminarian here in New Zealand, and he's my friend that got to meet (properly meet) Benny XVI on the boat at WYD. I'm still getting over the jealousy haha!

Proceeded to my first home (Marist community with Fr Kev, Fr John, and Fr Michael) Where I've been staying for two nights. My own wee room and en suite, lovely.
We then headed to the Logos Centre where I met the rest of the youth team, got a wee tour of the building - it's rather big as it use to be a convent. We've got St. Benedict's Church right across the road which is great too. Had some Mentoring training for 90mins, lunch, and headed home for dinner, then an early night as I was finding it difficult to keep my eyes open past 7pm.

I intended to have a lie in, but after 11 hours of sleep, woke up at 6am tossing and turning. Had breakfast, watched some TV, then Cameron picked me up at 10am. We headed to 'One Tree Hill' - a huge hill where a tree use to be, but eventually got cut down, and we checked out the views of the city. You wouldn't believe how much it looks like home - loads of islands, mountains, greenery..

Then we headed into the city and headed to St. Patrick's Cathedral for Adoration and Mass. New Zealand has implemented some strategies to restrict the spread of swine flu - number one, no receiving Communion on the tongue (I've only ever did this once, and I had to as it was Uganda and I didn't have an option - I don't like receiving in my hands), number two, no receiving Communion under the two forms (so no chalice), and thirdly, no shaking hands at the 'sign of peace'. I found this a little amusing because the priest said.. And now, we will turn to each other and smile as a sign of peace' I coudn't help but giggle!

Afterwards we went up the high street for some food and had CHINESE, yay! Then back to the car, and drove to Mission Bay - a nice beach round the coast, where we went a wee wander round the bays. Then for a wee cappuccino, passed a photography exhibition in a wee gallery and then Cam dropped me back home.

Tonight we had fish - blue nose I think it's called, or just blue something or other, then checked out some Marian powerpoint presentations Fr Kev had prepared, and now I'm in ma wee room, stealing some random person's wireless internet connection which could cut out at any possible moment!

I'm only at the priests house for two nights, and tomorrow I'm going to stay with one of the youth workers and her husbands house for the rest of the trip.

Tomorrow I'll be at the office meeting the rest of the youth team and finding out what exactly I'll be up to for the upcoming weeks. I'll be going on a mini road trip to Wellington at the end of the month with the youth team and probably staying on for a week or so, that should be really exciting cause I'm dying to see the rest of the country that I saw last year.

Anyway, apologies for the massive update! Here's some photos and I'll chat again laters..

Skyline Auck CBD
Logos Office
Mission Bay, very similar to West of Scotland

God Bless xx

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Singapore sky

I've connected to WiFi and taken this with my phone. It's 7pm here x
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Singapore Airport

The land of trees and waterfalls

sunny 31 °C
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After a rather bumpy flight, I've arrived at Singapore safe and sound. Food was naw bad on the flight, films were a bit rubbish. I also found out baggage allowance was 20kg and after my crazy praying like a crazy woman to the airport, managed to avoid a charge of 52 UK pounds per kilo (I was 10 over), so thank you God!! I'll be posting stuff home for sure.

Also realised I've forgotten one of my camera chargers, gutting, but I'll either buy a new one or get Leann or Heather to post it out, hopefully, lovely sisters!

Better go, I'm roasting here!
Another 10 hour flight ahead of me and I'll be in lovely Auckland. I look forward to the rain after the recent London heat-wave.

Lots of love,
God Bless
C x

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Getting ready

I'm New Zealand bound!

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Firstly, welcome to another one of my crazy adventures!
Incase you're unfamiliar with how this works, I update my blog, you visit my page and you'll see the most up-to-date entry. The posts go back in time the more you scroll down the page (and I've been a few places so they do go on!)
The entry below this one was a test - I can now send an email to this account from my wonderful iphone, so that I can update on the move! It's really quite cool! (Let's hope sending an email won't be too expensive when I'm in New Zealand!

So, here we are again.

29th June - 27th September 2009

I am blessed to be travelling to my favourite country, New Zealand, after visiting there just last year. When I arrived back, I started scrolling through websites, working out how I could get back again. Low and behold, I came across Logos: A Catholic Youth Work organisation who I emailed, told my life story, interests, academic qualifications and present circumstances to, and they invited me out to work for 3 months. Very very awesome indeed.

On Monday I'll leave London Heathrow and head on a very long long journey via Bangkok, Thailand, where I will land in Auckland, New Zealand. My plans are very much to involve myself as much as possible in all the activites with the organisation-not holding back-just enjoying every minute of it. There's the small chance I'll get moved to Wellington to work for a little while, but that's not set in stone. I also have a friend from Greenock currently living and working in Queenstown (south on the south island) (also my favourite town in New Zealand), so I'm hoping to visit her and go snowboarding for a weekend or two. I also have 2 friends who I'd love to catch up with, both living in Sydney Australia - if funds permit, I'm hoping to meet them for a weekend, but that almost certainly is far from 'definite'!

So here lies my plans. I know it's going to be an amazing experience, no matter what I get up to. The weather should be very Greenock-Autumn-esque (rain, but not too cold).

Hopefully the next entry you'll see will be from New Zealand

God Bless and lots of love!

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The Final Uganda Entry

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This will be my final blog for my Uganda trip. I've had an absolute amazing time, and I'm so glad I didn't turn this opportunity down!

There's not much to report on as I've been busy with school and playing with the kids since my last update. I've been trying my best not to get attached to the kids back at the community but me and Louise spent the whole day yesterday playing and reading stories and just enjoying their company. I've got teary eyed a couple of times when I realise that they have no one to say 'I love you' to, and they have no one to say it to them. They have no one to tuck them up in bed at time, no person to call their mum or dad.... It's really heart-breaking because they just don't know what that is..

The kids at the secondary school ask me if I have a family, and when I say yes they are all so shocked. I showed them a photo of Heather, my younger sister and also my dog and my mum, (I had these on my phone) and they all sighed in disbelief, telling me to tell them (Heather and mum) that they want to be your pen-pals and your friends. They don't know what it is to have these things and I feel guilty talking about it to them. They enjoy looking at the photos on my phone and letting me take their photos, they love it actually. They all pose and laugh and look so happy..

I never realised how much I take for granted in my life, and I have learned alot by coming here. The nurse/catechesis teacher who we have got to know a bit better than the other teachers invited us to her house for lunch today. I was shocked to say the least. Two rooms, 1.5m by 1.5m for each. One was the kitchen with a tiny gas stove and some basins, the other her bedroom: a tiny mattress in the corner, a little altar with candles and rosary beads, and then some RE books. It was so humbling of her to invite us and make us all she had and I'll never forget it. The most important thing being, that these people have God in their lives, and God in abundance. They eat, sleep, think God and are so happy and count themselves so lucky for what they have. It could only make me feel greedy and selfish, but, in another sense, so blessed for my life and the opportunities I have had in this life!

So I fly home tomorrow evening and arrive home on Wednesday..

As I said, I've had an amazing time here. Everything about it: the people, the culture, the music, the weather, the kids, the lack of things too.. It's just been amazing!!

I hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed writing. Sorry for the lack of photos. I'll have them all up on my http://public.fotki.com/vexred9irl website as soon as I'm home so don't forget to check them out!

God Bless, Claire (Cheryl) xx

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Uganda: Entry 5

Preparing to leave the land of sunshine and bananas!

sunny 27 °C
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It's been a wee while since I last updated. And unfortunately all the photos didn't load so there's only a few of where I live on my online photo album. Don't worry, when I get home I'll get all 600 odd photos up!!

Since my last entry me and the girls have been travelling into Mbarara most days to teach the kids. I've taught a bit of Religion, a whole lesson on English (which was a bit crazy cause English grammar isn't my strong point), I also taught Art and helped the kids draw a branch of a tree - they were all so eager to see my drawing show me theirs. And I also taught North American Geography to the first years, but I don't think they understood me too well!

We went into the primary school yesterday and sat in on one of their Science lessons, we were happy to spectate than teach as their English isn't very good; the girls don't feel comfortable teaching the primary kids so they'll be teaching sports and music to them instead of english, maths etc.

Today we're going into the secondary school to do sports and games with them, but not til later.

So I'm getting ready for leaving on Tuesday - not physically, but more mentally. I've enjoyed every bit of this trip; I've loved spending time with the kids and trying to help them in class with English and everything else. I've enjoyed my time with the girls and the people in the community - getting to know people and their culture.

My one thing I wish I could have done was go to a safari park and see some animals, but the girls said it's too expensive for fuel, plus we never got the jeep back so the car wouldn't be able to make the trip. They said that on the way to the airport I may see some elephants, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Tomorrow we're going to the high school as it's one of the girls birthdays, so I think there'll be a wee party of some sort. Should be fun!

Right, that's enough for one day, speak soon,

God Bless xx

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Uganda: Entry 4


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I decided to upload all my photos so far to my online photo album. It may take some time to load as there's quite a few, so be patient!

Paste this into your browser and look for the Africa page!



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Uganda: Entry 3

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Good morrow!

The last couple of days have been busy hanging about with Fr. John and meeting loads of new people. We went to the high school yesterday to meet the teachers and chat about the subjects we'll be teaching. I'll be doing Religion, English, Geography and Art, and sports after school (every day-I'm gony be well fit!) The teachers are lovely as are the kids. We start teaching on Monday. Today we're going to the primary school which we'll be in Tuesday and Thursday. We're going there today to chat to the teachers.

I finally got an email back from my lecturers, they said that if I stay til the end of Oct I'd fail the assessment and have to resit it next year, so I've asked about staying an extra week 'cause then I'd get an extra week of teaching and also get to a conference Fr Bash is doing up in Jinja. But, if the lecturers reply and say I could still fail, then I'll be home in a week and a half. I'm really sad about this because I'm loving this experience sooo so much. Everything about everything is just perfect and I don't want to leave and miss out on the further work and development I could be part of for the foundation we're starting up and for the communities, orphans and schools. But, as I always say, I'll leave it in God's hands, and if I'm meant to come home, then it's up to Him. I just know I want to continue helping the foundation when I'm home. Get supplies sent out to schools and fundraise - anything to help these people. Then if I can come back next year I will, because I really feel called to do this work - since I was in 5th year at High School I've wanted to do this missionary work, and right now I'm doing it - I still can't believe I'm in Uganda! So God willing I can continue with it, whether at home or abroad!

Sorry for that big rant!!

I don't think we'll be up to much for the weekend 'cause Fr Bash left last night for USA and Bosnia, and he won't be back for 3 weeks. He's taken the jeep too, and driving on these roads with a car is a nightmare! We'll maybe just sunbathe in the lovely weather and read over our school books :)

And gimme some comments people, I feel unloved!!

God Bless xx

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Uganda: Entry 2

sunny 28 °C
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Hey everyone, hope you're well. I'm doing very good, settling in well and keeping busy.
Since my last update me and the girls have done a little bit of travelling with Fr. Bashobora to different parishes in the Mbarara district. On Saturday we went to a priests ordination about 2 hours drive from here. And on Sunday we went to a parish up in the hills (about 1.5 hours away) to have mass celebrated by Fr. Bashobora. The scenery was beautiful up there, rolling hills and wee houses on the side of the road. It reminded me of Israel except there's lots o greenery here.

The majority of the people here have never saw a white person, so when they do see us, like yesterday at mass, they just stare inquisitively and smile. Me, Louise and Elisa got up and sang a hymn with actions at the end of mass yesterday infront of around 500 people. It was amazing! Then we proceeded to find Fr. Bash (everyone just follows him because they know of his healing and exorcism ministry) and we turned round and there was a flock of kids surrounding us as we walked. We had dinner and then came back to Karama (our wee comunity).

I've got use to the food now, to be honest when it comes to dinner time you're too hungry to moan about the flavour or basicness of it - I take too much for granted at home so this is a great opportunity for me to stop being selfish! Did I tell you that there's no running water, so once you do the toilet you have to pour water from a bucket to clear it? I'm pretty much use to this too! I'm loving every moment of it.

Today we went into Mbarara to visit the primary and secondary school that the 3 of us will be teaching at. I'll be teaching religion, english and probably a bit of mathematics and sport. We're going back in tomorrow to chat with the teachers and have a look at the curriculum. I'm getting really excited about it because I never imagined teaching before, let alone do missionary work like this!

It's still a little difficult to put photos up so you'll have to wait for those, but I've taken tonnes (as always!). In other news, I'm planning on staying a little longer to do more missionary work in the communities and schools, but I have to wait for my lecturers response. If they don't give me the thumbs up I'll be home in 2 weeks, if they do, I'll be home in 5 weeks. So God willing... I just keep praying!

Today we also went for lunch in town, I got a chicken/cheese toastie, chips and beer, and it cost TWO POUNDS! How good! Haha!

Right I better head off and get some tanning done :)

Love you all, God Bless xx

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